Free Charging Stations

Free Charging Stations

Our charity donates free Charging Stations to *businesses or organisations in the hotel, tourist and leisure industry. In doing so we have created ZeroNet, an unrestricted national charging network that is loved by drivers.

To be part of this innovative network you only need to pay for the installation of your free Charging Station. The Charging Station is then owned and maintained by the location venue owner.

To be eligible for one of the remaining Charging Stations, please read all the details of the project and confirm that you are happy to use our recommended installer, pay for the installation costs and remain the owner and maintainer of the Charging Station for the benefit of EV driving visitors to your location. Charging Stations are offered on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please fill in the application form via the orange button above. If you are a location with 3 phase electrics AND provide refreshments for visitors, there may be the option of a 3 phase Charging Station. Locations with renewable energy supply and in areas lacking in EV Charging may be given preference.

To support the project and help its continuation, Zero Carbon World is looking for donations and funds. 

If you would like to help fund more Charging Stations, please donate to Zero Carbon World via our Donate webpage.  Thank you.

Why are you doing this?

Electric cars are the future. Currently passenger cars account for 25% of the UK's GHG emissions (Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future, P47). A switch to electric cars would dramatically reduce this figure and result in cleaner local air and lower carbon emissions nationwide.

A common barrier to electric car adoption is the lack of places to plug in. We are fixing this with our network, ZeroNet, and its philosophy of simple, reliable and robust charging. It is this philosophy that will attract drivers to your location.

ZeroNet is a national Pay as You Go network. Charging is for your customers. Like with wifi it can be offered for free or for a small fee. 

Who can apply?

To apply for our free donated Charging Station & Parking Sign you need to agree to all of the conditions below:

  • Be somewhere a driver can spend three or more hours. This includes but is not limited to hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, restaurants, paintball centres, golf courses and so on.
  • Have a secure car-park in which you can allocate one parking space as priority EV parking.
  • Install using our regional installation partners and pay all installation costs. 
  • Not reserve the Charging Station for staff use.
  • Display our parking sign.
  • Assume responsibility for maintaining and regularly testing the Charging Station. 
  • Install within 28 days of receiving kit.
  • Grant permission for us to use any image or wording on your website when promoting your location on ZeroNet.

Note: Most locations on ZeroNet offer charging to their customers as a free service. However if you do wish to charge a small amount you must not charge more than you do for wifi access.

These simple criteria help us ensure that our charging network – ZeroNet – is reliable, simple and easy to use.

What do I get?

Our offer gives eligible locations physical equipment worth £450 that comprises:

  • One wall mounted 32A Type 2 Charging Station – the European standard that can add approximately 30 miles of charge per hour.
  • One parking sign.

Each donated also gets:

  • Their business geo-synced on Open Charge Map, a database of Charging Stations that feeds many websites and SmartPhone Apps.
  • Their business included on ZeroNet, our well-liked network that is used by drivers to plan holidays and days out.
  • Their business promoted directly to EV drivers through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Access to 'not on the highstreet' offers such as:
    • Up to £60 off your first bill if you switch to Good Energy.
    • Free access to Green Hotelier's Hotel Carbon Initiative Measurement tool.
    • 50% off the Environmental Management for Hotels publication.

How much will this cost me?

Our network, ZeroNet, is built on the concept of reliability. We don't want your customers being stranded without a charge due to a faulty Charging Station and we're sure you don't either. As installing Charging Stations requires a special understanding that can only be gained from specific qualifications and courses we insist that all installations are carried out by our regional installation partners.

Installation typically costs between £400 and £500, but this is dependent on your location and the following criteria being met:

  • The distance between the Charging Station and the electricity meter is less than 30 metres.
  • You are happy to have black cable clipped externally to the building if necessary.
  • The cable is not run underground at any point.
  • The consumer unit is fully accessible.
  • You are happy for the power to be off for approximately 60 minutes if necessary.

Full details of the cost to you will be in the quote. Regional installation partners may quote remotely over the phone. 

Charging costs

The cost to charge an electric car varies depending on a number of factors: How empty it is, how big its battery is, how long it is plugged in, how full the battery is already and how much you pay for electricity. For an average electric car, a full charge will be around £2.50 but not all cars will be fully charging all the time.

We have a fair play pricing policy on charging. Most ZeroNet locations offer charging to their customers for free in exchange for custom and those that don't do not charge more than they do for wifi access (and never more than £10 for a full charge).

How does it work?


Fill in the survey request form and we will put our installation partners in touch. They will arrange a remote site survey to provide a quote.

Return the form

Once you have agreed to the cost of installation, fill in the Donation Application Form and return it to us.



The Charging Station kit will be shipped to the regional installer who will arrange an installation date with you.