Our Supporters

We work with and seek to forge new partnerships with like-minded organisations.

With the help of partners to help spread our message and be proactive drivers of change, we reach communities nationwide to undertake our carbon reduction projects.

Donate and sponsor our work so we can continue to fight for decarbonisation.

Considerate Hoteliers

An association of like-minded hoteliers who encourage, assist, motivate and cajole fellow hoteliers to adopt sound and sustainable environmentally friendly and socially responsible policies and practices.

The Considerate Hoteliers Association do this through a network of member hotels and by providing events, advice and information for members on environmental and sustainability issues. Each year they also encourage and recognise excellence in the industry through their awards, which are open to all. Membership is open to hotels and guest houses, from the smallest to the largest and across the grading bands, nationwide, which are committed to the association's mission statement and environmental charter and conform to it.

More information can be found on the Considerate Hoteliers website.